The hardest part(s)

I like this, and this, and this, and this and....
I like this, and this, and this, and this and….

Every day we waver back and forth between “everything will be ok” and “dont’ get too comfortable”. To encourage myself that, hey, maybe moving back to Turkey wouldn’t be all that bad, I like to think about the things that I do love about that country that we can’t find here. I’ve made myself a list so far.
1. Cheap fruits and vegetables!
2. No longer “not knowing” whats next.
3. Cheap clothes/ jewelry!
4. Choosing a house/apartment to live in for a LONG time.
5. Buying furniture without having to move it again.
6. More vacations to beautiful places.
7. New foods/restaurants to try!
8. Perfecting my turkish in a full emersion setting.
9. My big fat Turkish WEDDING!
10. Cheap and easy public transportation EVERYWHERE!
And so the list goes on and on.
But every time I try to think about the good parts, the things I look forward to, somehow I end up thinking about the stuff I’ve come to love/ taken for granted here that I’ll miss.
1. Having a car
2. Free bus rides
3. School (until we figure something out there)
4. Knowing where to buy whatever I want.
5. Cheaper electronics (surprised? its true!)
6. Knowing where I am on a country-sized standpoint. (e.g. I know what interstates can take me home, despite where I am in the country)
7. That feeling of belonging (that you don’t have when you’re a foreigner…)
8. Being a citizen/ the rights that come with it.
9. Being able to speak to just about anyone.
10.Understanding the cultural taboos/ do’s/don’ts
I know that, with time, my current list of the hardest parts will shrink and my list of things I love in Turkey will lengthen. The time it will take to settle and become comfortable in a new country is a topic of mixed feelings, personally. I love new things, new places, new apartments, new stores, etc. There’s something about comfortable that is boring and I always look forward to a change up. But on the same time, there’s a reason it’s called “comfortable”…you don’t have to think twice or worry about what it is you are doing, because you know deep down that it’s right.


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