And so it begins…


Not living in Turkey, but graduate school.  Today was the official first day of classes for me, and I’m already worried.  It is amazing what can be forgotten in 3 months, let alone a few years! 

  It’s been a few years since I took the undergraduate equivalents of what I’m taking this semester in graduate school, and that has become all too apparent in the “silly quiz” (as the professor called it) that we took in one of my classes.  She just wanted to see where we were in our level or recollection.  I am the only 1st year masters student in this course (well, there’s only 5 people to begin with) and I have forgotten the most, it seems! I try to tell myself that it’s because I haven’t needed the information required in these particular courses for 2 years.  Now I find myself reviewing old lectures on the topics I have forgotten.  I’m anxious to go to the lab and show how much I’ve forgotten :(.  

  This holds true specifically for one class. The other two seem to be fresher in my mind, having been talked about the last year of my undergraduate experience.  

  Also, I have received a TA-ship (Teaching assistantship) to pay for graduate school.  My first class I am TA-ing holds very little responsibility.  Answer emails from students and help proctor exams.  Fortunately, this class is “new” to the university, but I have taken its equivalent at my undergraduate university and have been beaten about the head and neck with the information supplied in the course.  I hope I do well aiding the students…

  I hope this doesn’t drive me crazy.  Deep breaths. Its worth it, giving me an advantage when we go to Turkey.

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