Happy World Hijab Day!

Happy World Hijab day everyone!  Today I will be covering up in support of my muslim sisters! I hope you are too 🙂

As I have been skimming the comments on the World Hijab Day facebook page, I have been both greatly pleased and also shocked and dismayed at some comments.  The rally of non-muslims (christians, pagans, etc) to the cause has been both eye opening and heart warming.  Judging from my own experience in the christian church, I didn’t expect this much support.  I love being pleasently surprised!  Of course, there were a few non-muslim nay-sayers that are convinced that hijabi muslimahs are trying to push the west into their middle eastern way of life and dress. Wow, insecure much?  Somehow I doubt that guiding a nations laws based on a religion here in the west would be realistic.  But then again, I live in the US, and how many of our laws are dictated by christian doctrine that (in my opinion) is more appropriate for individual decision and not federal…

Anyway, the most upsetting commentary seemed to come from the muslims (not all mind you, I would say 1% or less of the muslim comments made).  These are divided into two camps of thought.

  1. The first one is that people make ugly, backbitting, derogatory comments about how some muslimahs (and non-muslims trying to support) wear their hijab.  [WAIT. STOP.  Isn’t backbitting and negative speech (not constructive) sinful in Islam?  Why yes. Yes it is.]   Just like any religion, isn’t the way someone expresses their faith PERSONAL?  There is a fine line between piety and biggotry, and when you begin thumbing your nose at how other people express their faith, you begin to cross into the latter.  It is our jobs to live our own lives according to our own moral codes that we ourselves decide we should live by.  You cannot force a religion on someone (as it says in the Bible, you can plant the seed [of religion in a persons heart] but only God can make it grow), and in the same way you cannot force someone to practice their religion how you think they ought.  As long as someone is not hurting others (preferably themselves either), leave them to practice their faith their own way.  While I understand that some people may express their own concerns from a helpful, constructive place as to how they interpret their holy book and wish to guide their fellow believers…this is from kindness and concern.  When you bring down a hateful, angry tongue lashing to chastise someone, that is a whole other story.  STOP BICKERING AND START LOVING.
  2. The second topic that seems to come up is that World Hijab Day is bidah (bida’ah.  Innovation).  First, let me explain the concept of innovation in Islam (to the best of my googling knowledge, since I myself am not muslim and don’t know everything).  Bidah is typically bad.  It is seen as trying to add or alter aspects of Islam and the Qu’ran which were not dictated the first time.  The Qu’ran is protected and Islam is told to be perfect as is, so adding anything is seen as a gross alteration and completely inappropriate.  If God intended these “new ideas” to be there, he would have put them there the first time.
    Ok, I get that. Seems fair.
    But World Hijab Day does NOT claim to be an act of faith, worship, or an important part of Islam.  World Hijab Day is a civil demonstration of support for the right to wear garments (that happen to be religious in nature) that are a hot-button issue at the moment (banned in France, Quebec, and other countries).  World Hijab Day seeks to unite everyone (muslim, non-muslim, women, men…) in one voice to say “LET THEM WEAR HIJAB”. And leave them alone at that!  There are many acts of violence around the world against hijabi women.  Why?  What is the POINT?! Anyone can wear a scarf on their head, leave them alone! And that is the point if World Hijab Day (as I have come to understand it).  The fact that people are trying to twist it into an unholy innovation that is not appropriate for Islam is ridiculous!  Religious leaders (such as Mufti Menk, whom I enjoy listening to), state that World Hijab Day is NOT bidah, it never CLAIMED to be religious, and people need to CALM DOWN.  Again, insecure much?

It is so disappointing that people try to take a good thing, a good idea, an attempt at understanding each other, and spit on it.  When I see negative comments such as these, I say to myself “this person seems insecure in their faith”.  If you know what is right (in your heart) do it.  You know what you are doing is right (for you)! Why do you need others to conform to your way of right-ness? Do you need to feel validated in how you behave/dress/ think?  No.  If you feel comfortable in your actions you need no validation.

“Better Awareness. Greater Understanding. Peaceful World.”
I will support my sisters on this day! Because everyone has the right to practice their religion in their own way, a way that hurts NO ONE!


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