Sheytan (Satan) in your dreams?

Is that a thing?  I know that is a really wierd way to start a post.  But I really am wondering.  The more and more that I think about Islam and try to learn about it and understand it enough to make a comfortable decision with agreeing with it, the wierder my dreams become.  Not “wierd” like, green glowing trees talking to me and unicorns prancing all around, but wierd in the way of not what what I expect… I have more and more dreams of being uncovered (for those who are new to the blog, I tend to wear hijab- as a “walk a mile in Islam’s shoes to see how it feels” thing), having super long hair that I don’t want to cover, and having all around anti-covering dreams.  But when I am the center of my own dream (I control myself, rather than watching myself do something), I feel really uncomfortable and bad not being covered.  When I am watching myself passively in my dreams, I feel guilty that the me that I am watching is not covering herself properly.  It isn’t like the dream me is frolicking half naked, but still.  I also see myself drinking and engaging in other no-no behaviors for Islam.

I can’t help but wonder if this is Satan or something, trying to confuse me and make me reconsider Islam.  In my waking hours I have no qualms with covering and whatnot (but the summer has yet to arrive…that’ll be interesting).  But at the same time, hearing myself speak this way is a little…different for me.   I have always believed in other forces in this world (angels/demons/etc) but I never considered myself important enough to get their attention. Who knows?  In christianity it is said that demons can even keep you from going to church by making you sick or pushing your mind in other directions.  Maybe its something like that?  Or maybe I should stop eating so close to bedtime.

Just a thought


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