Baby fever

“Oh my goodness!  We’re expecting!”

  Something I’ve heard from several of my friends recently.  I am at that age where everyone is getting married… I’m glossing through wedding photos on facebook on a, nearly, daily basis.  But now the new topic at hand is babies.  What startles me the most is that these mommies-to-be are younger than me!  I’m not tutting and wagging my finger, when they want to start their families is their business, but…now I have baby fever.

   My husband and I have been together for four years in September, married for one year as of last May.  Looking at these numbers, I feel as though we have no business starting a family just yet, since once you have a family, you always have a family (inshallah).  Additionally, we are both still in graduate school, no true work experience, and a mere year or two away from moving to another country.  Clearly, this is NOT the time for a baby.

  Oh, but on the other hand… I am almost done with graduate school, and several graduate students that I know have children, or are pregnant.  This is our only chance at having an American child, since American citizenship is by land, not by blood.  Since I will be unable to work in Turkey for a while, until I’ve learned Turkish, it’s a good situation for an aspiring stay-at-home mom.  

  How do you know when you are ready to start a family?  Are you ever really ready?

  I need to go play with a friends baby and get it out of my system.

6 thoughts on “Baby fever

  1. A baby born to an American citizen in a different country (ie Turkey) still gets US citizenship and you can easily work in Turkey without being fluent in Turkish. Many people do it (myself included) but I suppose it depends on the sector 🙂

  2. Selam canim i love this 🙂 i dont think you can ever feal ready enough for a baby and as soon as you think you are somthing happens money/house wise id say enjoy your time together first date nights, holidays and when your both relaxed enough try for that little bebek 🙂 its the most amazing fealing in the world good luck with whatever you decide 😀

      1. Insallah you will never know love like it its an amazing fealing holding your baby in your arms for the first time 🙂 in the mean time you can make a list of baby names 😀 😀 i had loads of turkish names so hard to pick just one and trying to find one that people could pronouce here in ireland we waited until they were born to see if the looked like there name 🙂

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