Turkish Military Waiver

Greetings and Happy Holidays all!

If you have been following Turkish news, the government has recently offered a brief window during which qualified male citizens may pay a fee in order to waive their required military service (a must-do to maintain your citizenship).  Well, hubby qualifies, so we are off to New York soon, inshallah!

The window of opportunity is from December 18 (last week) until February 18, 2015.  Still, the consulate doesn’t seem to know what is going on.  In Turkey it is simple, go to the office where you register for military service, obtain paperwork, go to the bank and pay your fee, and bring your receipt and paperwork back to the registrar.  In the US, however, it seems more fuzzy.  As it stands, it appears that we are to obtain the paperwork from the Turkish Consulate and pay the fee at a Turkish bank.  Both are available in NYC, which is why we are going in January!  It isn’t clear whether or not one needs an appointment with the consulate, or with the bank…or if it is a walk-in type ordeal.  Hopefully it will be completed in the several days we will be in the city!!

We have every intention of doing a little sight seeing as well 🙂

Updates as they come!  If anyone knows about the details for the US process let me know!

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