Yet another TMJ update!

How long has it been now since my athrocentesis? I don’t even remember…it was in October, and my final check-up was in January so…a while!  On my final doctors visit they stated that my opening was still restricted and prescribed muscle relaxers (flexaril 5mg) to be taken before bed, thinking that the limited opening was self-inflicted and due to muscle tension.  I took the muscle relaxers every night for about a week or two, but wasn’t seeing any improvement.

But, ya know, it wasn’t worse nor hurting so…who cares?

I decided to stop taking the muscle relaxers (I really hate taking medication unnecessarily), and limit myself to using them only when my jaw is popping badly or I’m having some pain.  Allah shukur, I’ve been well thus far.  I still feel my opening is limited, but I can eat, chew, and talk without pain the majority of the time- and even the popping has decreased in the right joint (my surgery was on the left and it doesn’t pop at all anymore- only very very rarely).  I still don’t gnaw on handfuls of gummy bears, but I do treat myself to some chewy goodness now and then that I enjoy in moderation- and very carefully!

In case anyone was following my progress and wondering how it went- there you have it!  I probably won’t be updating this topic unless something dramatic happens after this.

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