Two Years Down…And Forever To Go!

Two years ago today, my husband and I said I do.  As I like to think of it…two years down, and forever to go!

I very briefly mentioned our wedding in my “about page”… but what better time than now to talk about it in more detail? :).

I had met my husband my Sophomore year of college (undergraduate), and as time progressed and the commitment to our relationship became evident- my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to marry until after I graduated.  This idea, to be honest, was somewhat laughable, since my mother never stopped me from getting what I wanted before…but out of respect we both agreed to this limitation.  On my 22nd birthday my husband proposed, on bended knee, in my mothers kitchen- with my small family looking on.  I knew it was coming, he is a horrible secret keeper. Just the wrinkle at his brow told me our engagement would be soon.

IMG_2888 - Copy

I gave myself (naively) less than a year to plan our wedding (the week after graduation- so technically I did graduate before we married..hah! Technicalities!),  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  With graduation looming, many courses to complete, and whatnot- I quickly became overwhelmed as the day moved closer.  It was at this time that I had to get real.  My maternal grandparents, mother, and brother, are the only ones who lived in South Carolina in my family, with my extended family located in Colorado and Missouri.  My mom, the youngest of five, is a bit of a black sheep in the family because she took off to South Carolina on a whim…and this estrangement transitioned to myself and my brother as well.  My father, who died when I was one year old, was also the youngest of five…but with his death came estrangement from his family as well.  My husband’s family couldn’t afford to fly to the US for a wedding, and we could not afford to pay for them ourselves. Even more, I couldn’t think of five friends I liked enough to pay for them to eat at our wedding.  Maybe I’m cynical, but we decided to elope.

Our elopement included a small ceremony at a bed and breakfast in South Carolina, with a handful of people, a toast, and cake.  My immediate family and one close friend came to the event.  That cake though.  Highlight of the day, and that’s not saying the day was bad…the cake was just that good.  The gay couple that ran the B&B performed the marriage and made the cake.

IMG_2863  After the ceremony and cake (CAKE! I CANT EVEN! IT WAS AMAZING!) we all went back to my mothers house for a reception- where a few more of my friends arrived and enjoyed time outdoors with a grill and lots and lots of burgers!  We used a few tents and tables from a charity organization my mother was volunteering for at the time (free of charge), tied a few streamers around, and gave out hand fans as souvenirs, since it was May in SC after all.  It was an amazing, intimate day.

In the past two years since our marriage, we moved to Florida, Hubby received a second Masters of Science (this one in Mechanical Engineering), and I will be receiving my Masters as well in August (inshallah).   I can’t wait to see what happens during our third year of marriage…

nazar boncuk w napkinsmudged

Inshallah we will be having our turkish wedding on our third anniversary 🙂


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