Art- A Painstaking/Love Taking Process

Maybe I’m being conceited a little- but I consider myself to be an artistic autodidact.  Studio art (i.e., painting, pencil sketching, charcoal sketching, marker art, and of course my comic!) is a beloved hobby of mine that has been nurtured by my family, particularly my maternal grandmother, since I was a toddler playing with crayons.   My grandmother herself is a very accomplished sculptor, but she doesn’t have the strength to work clay anymore.  We used to do paint-by-numbers together when I was in elementary school…

anyway, getting a bit nostalgic here,

I was required to take an art class in middle school, as is everyone else in the world (am I right? lol.) and the teacher didn’t like how I would draw how I wanted.  That turned me off to art classes, and my family never had the money for classes outside of school anyway.  I would always just draw/paint for fun.

Recently I have been getting back into my art, predominantly pencil sketching and painting.


  and usually animals (especially the fat and fluffy kind) or nature scenes.  I used to focus only on people…but I decided I wanted to expand my craft!  I observed speed paintings and sketches online to develop better techniques…and it is a long process to develop a skill, even if it is natural.

wysteria tunnel

My graduate school adviser saw me sketching in the laboratory once and insisted I show him all of my work.  He was impressed and later told me he was jealous of my ability, hahaha!  He requested I “make a drawing” for him before I graduate.  Well, he ruined the surprise, because that was going to be his gift (in the US we give a gift to our advising professor when we graduate for grad school).  I’ve spent two days working on a baby cow painting, which was actually spread between several weeks.  I thought I’d show the progression, and how I create a painting!CAM00851

First, a wash with green, denoting where I want light and shadow…but I always end up changing what I do…

Using a fan brush I create grass, using two shades of green, black, white, gold, brown, and violet…I had never done close-up grass before, so it took me a while to figure out how to create dimension.


Next, I did the same as the grass for the cow…washing the white space with the shade of brown I want the cow.  I delineate spaces of light and shadow accordingly…again, this is prooobably going to change.


Fill it in and voila! Awe, look at that baby cow!  I haven’t decided if I’m happy with it yet…so it may change. I’ll put an update here if I do!

Let me know if you would like to see more of my work!

One thought on “Art- A Painstaking/Love Taking Process

  1. You are very talented! I like the cow just the way he/she? is. My daughter is an artist but we have no idea where her skills came from… surely not me. I am always so envious of people, like yourself, who can draw, paint, sculpt. I would like to see more of your work. You should use your blog to showcase it.

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