Ramadan is coming!

downloadAnd I am so excited!

For those of you who are not familiar with Ramadan, it is the 9th and holiest month of the Muslim calendar.  Similar to China, Islamic months are based off the lunar cycle rather than the solar cycle like our present day Gregorian calendars, which is why these months change a little every year (moving backward, so next year it will likely start early June I believe).   But this year…it starts tonight!

  Check out my Ramadan post from last year to get all the details about what one does during Ramadan and why it is special!

Many people are familiar with fasting during Ramadan…and many also ask me:

Don’t you hate Ramadan?  I mean, you have to fast

The answer is no!  I LOVE Ramadan!  My only worry when it comes to fasting is not that I will be in discomfort, but that I will not be able to overcome my physical struggle to focus on my spiritual side.  I guess you know that a faith is right for you when something that appears to others to be a chore is something you look forward to.  I hope to do some additional posts this month about religion and faith, and how it has affected me personally- including opinion pieces about the role of religion in society/ government, etc.   Last year I wanted to post every day about what I was doing during Ramadan…but that ended very very quickly haha- this time I will aim for one or two a week, inshallah!

I may post a little about other things- but I want to aim the majority of my efforts towards my spiritual side during this Holy month… if that is boring, I’m sorry!  You may get a little bored this month…. 😉

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