Gay Marriage: A response

Today is a historic day in American history.  Today the legality of gay marriage is the law of the land.  Every state must recognize and sign off on gay marriage.

The internet and news channels are exploding- everyone has an opinion.  Even the supreme court justices who decided the constitutional stance of gay marriage in a 5-4 vote had a lot to say.  In this country, gay marriage is a very contentious issue.

Well, I guess it’s my turn now.

What do I think about the legalization of gay marriage?:


…well, it’s about time. duh.

Commentators:  But you’re muslim!

Why yes, yes I am.  And what of it?

Commentators:  Your holy book says that gay marriage is not allowed!

Well…does it?  The Quran actually says that gay relations is not permissible, not actually being gay, or gay marriage, as far as I can tell.  Even if it does, so what?  Not everyone is Muslim. This country, America, promises freedom for all.  That means me, you, and gay Americans.  I don’t feel like a couple being allowed to enjoy legal benefits given by federally recognized marriage is going to hurt me or my beliefs.  I don’t have to partake in a gay marriage… no one is making me officiate a gay wedding.   This country is a melting pot and is made up of many different people with many beliefs, and I have no problem with people living their lives in a way that I wouldn’t live mine.

If I expect to have my rights to be Muslim, wear hijab, etc. to be honored- I will in turn honor the rights of those who do not agree with me.  Live and let live.  You don’t even have to agree with me, that’s ok too.

Simple enough.


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