My Muse (weekly photo challenge)


There is something about the ocean that inspires me.   Regardless of a storm far out at sea, the tide stills comes in, goes out, comes in, goes out… it doesn’t change.  Any particular shell that washes ashore could have originated in another part of the world, but now it is here.   All the while the tide goes in, goes out, goes in, goes out.  It is a comfort to me, knowing that even though some things change, others always stay the same.

One thought on “My Muse (weekly photo challenge)

  1. In many ways I feel like this towards mountains. The snows and leaves are constantly changing, sometimes there are mud slides or raging forest fires that change them on the surface, but underneath they are constant and unmoving and safe and protective. My particular favorites look like the ones I grew up under, super tall with granite shoulders and snow year-round and long, sweeping green skirts of pine trees and splotches of bright yellow aspen trees in the fall. Sigh. That is home to me.


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