Geçmiş olsun!

My hubby has recently fallen ill as the winter winds have begun to tease their way into the Mediterranean summer heat.  Fall,  and may I add that it is my first fall in Turkey,  is just around the corner. Thankfully I have not yet fallen prey to the seasonal cold that has touched our home.  In the spirit of staying well as we all brave the seasons change,  here is a recipe for the tea my Anne has been giving us.  She told me it’s best for bronchitis and phlegmy lungs,  but it can be used all the time.  I included the Turkish words for some of the ingredients that I didn’t recognize by sight.

1 cinnamon stick
1 chunk ginger root
5-6 rose hips (kuş burnu)
1 lemon butt (mostly rind end)
1 pinch chamomile
1 pinch mallow blossom (hatmi çiçeği/fatma gülü)
1 pinch linden
1 twig sage
1 pinch clove
Honey or molasses to taste
4c water

1. Bring the first 4 ingredients to a boil.
2. Add the remaining ingredients,  cut the heat,  and let rest around 5 minutes.
3. Cut tea with hot water to stretch it

Fills around 6 Turkish tea cups

Geçmiş olsun!


3 thoughts on “Geçmiş olsun!

  1. Geçmiş olsun canım inşallah you don’t get sick to. My husband is at home at the moment and he to has a head cold is the season for colds unfortunately 😦 x

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