My First Kurban, Days 2 and 3

Day 2 of kurban (Sept. 25) was spent as I expected- dressing up and visiting everyone!  Even better, hubby was able to return to us half way through the day!

In the morning we ate breakfast, then dressed in our nice bayram clothes.  We drove to the neighboring city to see Anneanne and Big dayi (I’m calling him big dayi because he is the oldest dayi).  After failing to find last minute chocolates for the kids later in the day, much to Anne’s chagrin and Baba’s amusement, we drove to the koy to see Baba’s side of the family. We saw Dede (Baba’s dad), Hala, her many children and their many other children.  I was a bit of an attraction there, taking pictures with everyone.  We were fed lunch of white tarhana, chick peas, salad, fried potatoes, etc.  The homemade bread was quite sweet and I loved it!  I saw the girl who just had her serbet (if you recall my previous post), and I asked her when the wedding was.

Well, apparently, getting married in Turkey is complicated.  First the serbet happens, where they exchange rings…but they didn’t actually say “yes” to marriage yet…that comes later? Yeah, so even with the ring there is no for sure wedding in the future.  I just laughed and said that’s hard.  They laughed too. It was all good, no great offense taken.

After drinking a metric ton of tea, we heard that hubby had arrived in the town we had just left!  Away we drove to see him!

Later that night we went to see Anne’s side of the family- and there was a ton of people.  Somehow I ended up talking mostly to the 5 year old cousin, which was pretty hilarious.  We prepared fish, the customary lamb, bulgur, and etc.  For some reason there was tension in the air, but I had a head ache at this point so I wasn’t too worried about it.

This great day was brought to a close by…an ambulance.  Big dayi had a hernia that got angry, and he was sent to the hospital.

Which brings me to day 3

Baba went back to the city early that morning, and we later ate breakfast and went to visit big dayi.  His surgery was a success and the doctors are optimistic about his recovery. He snickered and told us that Anneanne never believed that he had a hernia- but NOW he has proof!  Take that Anneanne!

But really, poor Anneanne stayed up all night worrying about her eldest son.  We went to visit her and bring some groceries and candies.  This day was a major sugar day for me- eating chocolate and cake left and right…

Which irritated my stomach later.  Totally worth it.

Brother in law left after returning back to the beach house to go to the city for work.  We drank some tea for our stomachs and had soup and beans for dinner (and by beans I mean borulce).  So good!

Tomorrow is the last day of bayram…lets hope there are no surprises :/


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