My First Bayram, Day 4

*September 27

The last day of bayram started with our very lazily rolling out of bed, filling the coming autumn chill in the air.  You know how that coolness makes you want to hibernate?  Yeah, getting up was a challenge.

Anne made a special baked bread slices with a cheese/egg mixture on top- I really enjoyed it (recipe to come?), and also prepared some boiled eggs.  When spicing them up, she confused cinnamon for cumin…so that was a very interesting breakfast.  No matter, I still liked it!

We pulled the lamb leg out of the fridge and hacked away at it!  We were planning on making mangal later in the day when Baba got home, but it was rather late by then.

The following day we were planning, again, to make mangal but, yet again, the sun set too quickly.  We ended up preparing the lamb meat in the mangal marinade and cooking it in a pot. It was sooo good!

The marinade consisted of sunflower oil, yogurt, salt, cumin, black pepper, and thyme.

I usually don’t go for pure lamb- it’s a little…I don’t know, I just don’t like the taste of the fat. But this lamb? SO GOOD!

So that was my first bayram experience!  I hope to have a bayram with fewer surprises next time!

BTW I apologize for the lack of pictures in my bayram posts…there was really no opportunity to take any


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