That Farm Life Though

Anneanne owns a field out in a koy area in Izmir, and a large portion of the family came out to help pick up the walnuts from the three trees that are out there in early September!


It was an all day event- and I got to be a farmer for a while.  The youngest dayi climbed the trees and beat them with sticks to make the walnuts fall, and everyone else picked them up and threw them in buckets and sacks.

And by everyone else, I mean mostly the second oldest dayi and Baba.

I mostly played with puppies.


It was still a lot of fun!  Hubby played with a pellet gun and practiced his aim.  He started out not hitting anything, but by the end of the day he was knocking cans off tree stumps. We made tea over an open flame and ate lots of walnuts and figs.


As the day progressed and our tummies rumbled, the oldest dayi prepared kofte. He used to own a restaurant at one time, and he has quite a way with knives!  I was mesmerized by his technique of chipping an onion into finely diced pieces using only a knife and his hand- no cutting board!  He even laughed at my amazed expression.

Since the summer has mostly come to an end, the nights are coming sooner.  We ended up eating our dinner by lamp light- 12 of us huddled around a blanket covered in food- fried potatoes, kofte, peppers, salad, and bread.  You don’t know how dark darkness really is until you sit in a field with no lights at night.  I even caught a glimpse of some heat lightening in the distance.

Little did I know that that heat lightening would be followed up by two days of rain.

It is actually quite interesting how much I enjoy these simple things.  When I was young you couldn’t pay me to be outside more than five minutes.  As I’ve gotten older- I’ve come to embrace the outdoors more and more…sweat and all.


Now is the right time for me to be in Turkey, huh?

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