Today was an incredibly busy day!  We cleaned the pantry, shelf by shelf, prepared sardines for tomorrow, and generally cleaned the house (we’re talking pulling out the couches and everything…which I guess isn’t such a big deal when your floors are wood).  Another exciting part about today was trying a brand new Turkish food!

Between spending my summer four years ago in Turkey, and grabbing recipes from various Turkish food websites, I’ve had a fairly representative taste of Turkish cuisine!  However, today I had something totally different- something called ekmek karıştırması.  That basically means something like “stirred bread”.  While it may not be something mind blowingly different, it was very welcome in another way.  With Thanksgiving coming up in just over a month, I find myself looking for things that remind me of home.  This little dish reminds me of Thanksgiving day dressing/stuffing- with a Turkish twist!  Plus, I’m always down for a way to get rid of stale bread.



1 medium onion,  diced

1 large carrot,  diced

4 eggs

4 tbsp margerine

3-4 loaves stale bread



Black pepper


Olive oil


Put diced onion and carrot in a large pot with the olive oil.  Cook until soft

Add eggs,  whole.  Let the white fully cook while leaving the yolk undisturbed (not critical,  I just like to make sure the white is well cooked)

Add the margarine and mix the eggs together.  Cook the yolk fully.  At this point it should look like scrambled eggs.

Moisten the stale bread with water, squeezing it like a sponge.  It should no longer be hard.  Pull the bread apart into approximately ping pong ball sized pieces or smaller,  adding it to the pot.

Mix the bread into the veggie/egg mixture along with your desired amount of salt. The mixture should be somewhat dry.  Mix the pot occasionally,  you want the bread to get slightly crispy and brown.

Once your bread pieces are partially golden brown and crispy,  partially soft, remove from the heat and add spices as desired.

Normally served with ayran or cacık

Afiyet olsun!


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