Who are you and what have you done with my Clorox?!

I never considered myself to be a “brand loyalty” person, but I found out that I secretly am.  It’s even a secret to me! 

  This doesn’t tend to be an issue for foods that I am not accustomed to, or I am always willing to branch out in (i.e. cookies, snacks, cheeses, and the like).  However, it appears I am a stickler for my chemicals, cleaners, and non-edible products.

 Take bleach, for example.  Here, a common brand name is Güldal.  Their product is even in the same style bottle as bleach in the states


It looks like bleach, smells like bleach, behaves like bleach, but because it doesn’t say clorox, my brain refuses to accept this product as bleach.  Similarly, toothpaste has been a struggle.

You’re not COLGATE

  Another big one for me is mayonnaise.  If you are a self-respecting southerner, you will only purchase and use DUKES mayonnaise.  However, the options for mayonnaise are limited in Turkey, since it isn’t the most commonly used condiment around here.  I grudgingly buy you, random turkish brand…but my heart will never accept you.  Not like we use mayo that much anyway…

Don’t even get me started on coffee.


  Honestly, I would even purchase store brands (Walmart/great value, Publix, etc) in a pinch, but even that was okay in my heart of hearts.  Those are brands that I’ve atleast witnessed on the shelves or seen others using in my 25 years in the United States.  These peculiar new brands do not resonate with me like the ones back home.  I’m certain this will change as my mind adjusts to these shelves stocked with strangely named products and brands. 

  Do any other expats struggle with this mental disconnect?



7 thoughts on “Who are you and what have you done with my Clorox?!

  1. There are a lot of good coffee roasters in Istanbul now, and I bet they would ship lb bags of coffee to you. I really like Montag. You can check them out on Facebook. Delicious and reasonably priced compared to some of the other boutique roasters popping up.

      1. Some knock offs are okay, but we experienced an inundation of counterfeit condoms in Viet Nam recently and it rocked consumer confidence. We already have the highest rate of abortion in the region and increasing HIV infection rates.

    1. That’s what people say, but I very strongly disagree. If you prefer your coffee to be smooth and lightly sweet/creamy, Turkish coffee isn’t for you. however… I did have a fancy Turkish coffee with carob, cardamom, etc and that was DELISH! I usually put a piece of chocolate in my plain Turkish coffee to make it enjoyable.

      And I have made my own mayo at school before (emulsification lesson lol) it is quite good!

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