Bir saniye canım, I’m having kokoreç


You’re late for work/class and missed breakfast.  You tap your fingers anxiously on the steering wheel in your nearest drive through, waiting impatiently for the other customers ahead of you.  They too are tapping their fingers and glancing every five seconds at their dashboard clocks, willing the car in front of them to pull forward so they can order.

In five minutes, minutes that felt like dragging hours, you grab your bag of greasy delight you might later regret.  Before you even reach the exit you tear into your meal.  In America (and many other countries) this is fast food.  It’s more than a meal, it’s a lifestyle.

While you encounter this experience daily in the US, it is an anomaly in Turkey.

Which brings me to a personal favorite, kokoreç!


Kokoreç is a roasted meat dish made from intestine and served on bread or in a wrap, as a sandwich.  You’re kokoreçci will ask you upon ordering, most of the time, if you want it acı (spicy/hot) or not.  In my humble opinion, go hot or go home.

Much like calamari, it can be prepared right (soft, lightly chewy, and mostly melt in your mouth) or wrong (like chewing on a tire)

If you go to a sit-down location, you may be graciously offered a variety of pickled peppers and spices to make your kokoreç your own.


 Pass me the kekik/thyme, please!

  No kokoreç can be enjoyed without the proper beverage, hubby and I usually reach for the ayran…but şalgam is another way to go if you want another kick in your meal.  Our usual place also offers us regular cucmber pickles…and they always have the ones I love (both spicy and sweet).


Kokoreç is a slightly controversial food, being banned in the EU for “health reasons”.  As a food scientist with a focus on food safety- I get it.  I get it. But when properly prepared, the risk of foodborne infection/illness is greatly decreased.  That’s why you need to find yourself a reputable kokoreçci!  Regardless of what you think you like, I recommend you take a few minutes for yourself, sit down, relax, and grab yourself a kokoreç.

Wherever you’re going…it can wait

*This post was inspired by comments made by anAdventures


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