For the love of NAZ


All of these things can fall under the category of Naz behavior.
And in Turkey… It’s a good thing.

Before you become thoroughly confused and suspicious of this posts authenticity, let me explain!

  Naz is a noun that encompasses many different teasing actions and attitudes that can be performed between lovers,  or families of lovers.  These things are not done out of petulance or caprice, but purely for the purpose of playing with the one you love… Trying to wind them up,  if you will.

It isn’t that the pair are actually clingy,  coy,  or jealous… They are just playing at these attitudes.

A few examples:

– A man’s family comes to ask a woman’s family for a marriage agreement,  in old Turkish fashion.  The man and woman already agreed to marry,  a private proposal occurred,  and the family is all on board.  But for the sake of tradition,  they are including the marriage request.  The woman’s family may play a little game of “well… I don’t know.” all the while, both families know it is a sure thing.

-A husband and wife are laying in bed,  reading books.  The wife turns to the husband and says “honey,  I have to go to the bathroom… Will you walk with me?” the husband sighs in exasperation and the wife snickers to herself,  loving his reaction.

While naz is usually associated with women and their families,  let me tell you a secret… My husband is the king of naz,  sitting on his naz throne.  He loves to push my buttons and watch me go crazy,  all the while laughing his head off.  I always wondered why he insisted on driving me mad,  and I’ve only recently come to discover it is a common activity in Turkish marriage tradition, and can be seen as a type of affection.

Now that I know what he’s up to,  I take it in stride.  It seems I had also been participating in naz,  though mine is of the clingy type – dragging him up and down the halls so he has to be with me no matter what I’m doing.

In America, I had never determined a word for it… And in most cases,  it’s considered bad in western culture!

Well… This explains a lot!



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