Milk and coffee does not a cappuccino make.

A few days ago, hubby and I went out on the prowl with BIL (brother in law) for a good time.  After buying a French press (as seen on instagram),  we wandered into a hookah bar and lounge. If you aren’t familiar with hookah,  it is the tall standing water pipe through which you smoke concentrated tobacco that is flavored with syrup (usually fruit flavored).  It is very popular in the middle east,  and is rising in fame in the states.  I actually owned one state side, but I was never good at packing the bowl.

Anyway,  we wandered into the lounge and settled on a green apple/mint blend hookah experience… And began to peruse the drinks and snacks.

Oh boy!

I was so excited when hubby said I could pick anything I wanted- prices be damned! If you haven’t noticed from hints and comments I’ve been dropping… We are going through a very very difficult time right now (the two verys are absolutely warranted),  and this outing was an attempt to unwind.  Anyway,  we all settled on a classic cappuccino.  After waiting nearly 10 minutes (were they roasting the beans right now?),  they came back… With this.

What is this supposed to be exactly?

Based on my vast coffee experiences, I immediately deduced this to actually be a standard coffee with milk.  It was,  at least,  a dark roast. No foam to be had at all.  I looked first to my hubby,  then to my BIL…

Neither seemed to notice or care about this travesty…

This 6TL lie!

I then asked hubby,  who would also indulge in the occasional cappuccino with me in the past,  and whispered my disappointment.

What do you expect? It’s Turkey

Well,  for 6TL I expect a hell of a lot more! We commiserated with each other that everything on this list is likely the same coffee with milk,  and moved on to our board games.


So Turkish checkers is different...

I mean,  I can’t complain too much I suppose.  The hookah was very good, the lokum was delightful,  and the service was on point (changing coals and whatnot).  Even better,  the cafe wasn’t bustling with rowdy people, and there was an appropriate ratio of men and women to make the setting comfortable.  All in all,  it was a fun night…

But leave the coffee to me.


7 thoughts on “Milk and coffee does not a cappuccino make.

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I have VERY STRONG opinions on how to make a proper cup of hot chocolate (warm milk and Hershey’s syrup does not cut it, ever). I can relate.

    Also, I really hope you get over this marriage speedbump soon, figuring out all the new things all at once sounds exhausting (also, sounds like things at my house). Hugs.


    1. Thanks Harriet! Fortunately our troubles have nothing to do with us and more to do with external forces trying to be mean. 😦 but on the unfortunate side, we can control ourselves but not outside things. At least I can make cappuccinos now

  2. Ugh what a terrible travesty of a coffee!! The one you made looks amazing though! I don’t drink milk so I often end up with really terribly made cappuccinos! Some can be good- but like almond milk and oat milk often separate from the coffee and it can get really gross really fast.

    Also I love backgammon!! Such a fun game- my boyfriend and I play all the time!

      1. lol! Ah yeah- my boyfriend and I joined a backgammon club just because it was in a cute tea shop when we were living in Brighton and we both love tea. At first I hated the game because I was kind of embarrassed to play it, but now I really enjoy it! There was a really awesome player there from Turkey- is it really common to play there? In the US you rarely see anyone playing it.

      2. Ohhh yes, I would go so far to say that it is the national board game. They even make jokes that a man can’t find a wife if he can’t play a good game of backgammon. It originated in the middle east so it’s popular all over here. But I still suck at it lol. Hubby plays in my sted

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