What Doesn’t Kill You

My dear friends and readers, I want to put your minds at ease.

When it comes to our relationship…

Me and hubby are just fine.  Great, actually. Maşallah!

A lot of my posts have been really depressing,  if not a little disturbing,  as of late.  Yes, as far as other aspects of our lives are concerned… It kinda feels like a wrecking ball came flying in through the wall followed by a legion of space aliens intent on probing us in unpleasant ways.  We may or may not be their dinner, it is not yet clear.

But we are holding each other’s hands through it, and telling each other it will be ok.

Aside from the mysterious shroud that’s been upon us since last year that… Hopefully… I’ll be able to release to you in a bit, I’ve been struggling with filling my role as a bride in Turkey.

Not wife,  but bride.  It’s a little different.  It comes from my in laws’ perspective rather than my husband’s.

But when it comes to my hubby,  he is a gem.  He is always willing to give me a hand when I need it, pamper me when I want it (and even sometimes when I dont), and bend over backwards to make our current situation as comfortable for me as possible.  Some things can’t be helped though, like the increasing expectations being put on me by others.  We can’t do much about that without making this delicate living situation far worse.  So for now I have the grin and bear it, waiting until we are able to start our own lives,  just the two of us.

While all of these things have been putting a lot of stress on us, it’s just another battle that we have to go through together.  Our lives have been nothing but battle after battle against outside forces trying to make things hard for us.  At this point we are more than just husband and wife,  we are life battle buddies.  But I guess those two things are the same.

Rough weather ahead...

Well,  you know what they say…what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.  And we aren’t going down without a fight.


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