Trump Takes South Carolina

So it’s been a few days since Trump won the primaries in my home state of SC.  I would say I’m surprised, but I’m kind of not… But also am slightly.

You know?

I know about the SC stereotype…I mean come on, I lived there… And in some instances, it’s true. 

I’m talking about the redneck, xenophobic, bible thumping (but never actually reading),  Republican masses that show out in numbers at the most embarrassing events.  Of course,  not everyone is like this. I mean,  hello… I’m a South Carolinian too.  The majority of my friends are from SC as are many people I have communicated with on a daily basis and never had any back lash or discrimination from.  That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but in my experience, SC is full of good people. Maybe a little misguided at times, but honestly good.

Not to say rednecks, Republicans,  and actual Bible reading Christians are inherently bad.  They aren’t.  But some are.  So just to be clear… You know.  Putting that on record.

So what’s up with Trump winning SC? What’s up with people I know,  people who know me (and I assume like me?) voting for this guy who wants me to wear a sign to proclaim that I’m Muslim (or is my scarf enough? I need details Trump!) and blaming people like my husband (foreigner AND muslim) for the problems of MY country? It kind of blows my mind.

I want to believe they are caught up in the thrill.  Of someone coming out of no where and using a shock and awe tactic to get their attention.  That they don’t really want me to be hassled on the street whenever I go home for a visit.  That they don’t want my family to never see their son in law again.  We southerners do love a rabble rouser, but let’s rouse the right rabble, shall we?

It’s not like I’m actually worried any of this guy’s bluster will come to fruition.  I mean,  most of it is unconstitutional anyway.  What disturbs me is that people support him.  People think like him.  People I know.  Maybe this whole time southern politeness kept them from saying what they really thought about me… But even if that’s the case, at least they were polite.

Come on SC, I’m disappointed in you. You can do better.


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