Turkey 270: bereket

Sorry it took me a little longer to write this than I had anticipated… We went on a surprise trip to the beach this weekend, so I’m a little behind.

Anyway, I had posted a picture on Instagram of the bereket bottles that Anne and I had made.  Some of you may be wondering what exactly they are.

Well, bereket is a term referring to abundance, fertility, plenty, and the like.  You’ve seen this word before in phrases like kesene bereket and Allah bereket versin.  In both cases an abundance of food or wealth is being wished on the person.

Anyway, there are many charms related to bereket. For example,  the god of bereket (which is a little vulgar if you know what I’m refering too hahaha) which has carried over from pre Islamic (hitite?) turkic traditions.  Also there is bereket torbası,  which is what we made! Yeah I know,  torba technically means bag, but these charms can be made in satchets or in bottles. All you need is a few dried goods and creativity.

First, you find yourself a container, or several! Fill them with dried goods such as lentils, chickpeas, beans, corn, or seeds. 

Next, decorate your container! You can use cloth cut outs, yarn,  ribbon, boncuk (charms) of the nazar or plain bead variety, etc.  It’s good to have at least one nazar bead on there.

Finally, display them somewhere in your home!


While I’m not certain exactly what these bereket bottles are for… Whether they are simply a tradition or actually believed to bring bereket, I find them rather cute.  For me, they serve as a reminder that even if you think you have nothing,  you still have a little bereket.  Even if it’s just what’s in the bottles.

Allah bereket versin 🙂

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