Hijabi problems: Do It For The Money, Honey

Is there no end to the amount of ridiculous a hijabi has to go through?

 I went with Anne to welcome akraba (distant relatives) back from ummrah yesterday (they went at the same time as Teyze), and we did a lot of catching up.  One of the topics that came around was the potential job position I’ve been anguishing over for a week.  Eventually the conversation made its way to the issues I’d had with another school because I wear a scarf.

That school was closer.

The pay was better.

 It really does suck that it didn’t work out…

 but no use crying over spilled milk,  right?

 Well, this led the akraba to ask if I wear my scarf for my husband.

Uh… What?

 I would expect this question from an American.  Hell,  I’ll even graciously smile when a neighbor asks.  But when our own relatives ask this question?  People who should know him and that he isn’t the kind of person to coerce someone into making a big life change for him?  Well.  I was pretty miffed.  But after saying that I did it myself and it was something I continue to do for my own benefit, the statements got even more crazy.

Why don’t you take it off for work then.  They pay well.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

 Apparently this is something women in Turkey used to do when the hijab ban was in full swing.  While I totally understand looking at that option when you have hungry children to feed and no other options… we aren’t there yet.

I have another job opportunity lined up.

 While everything may not be ideal right now, it is far from needing drastic action.  We are fed. We have a bed.

 Taking off my scarf for more money… Ugh. I just… Ugh.

I put it on for me (and God of course), and if I will ever take it off (İnşallah not), that will be for me too. It won’t be for money. It won’t be because someone else thinks they know my religion.  It’ll be for me.


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