If I Won The Lottery

Isn’t that a scenario we have all dreamed of? What exactly would we do with the money won from the lottery?

Most of us never get to realize this dream, but dreaming never hurt anyone right?

 I recently read a blog post that encouraged readers to share what they would do with $100, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, and the big $1 mil.  Since blogging topics have been few and far between lately (and I don’t want to touch the terror attacks topic right now, I’m still too angry)  I might as well indulge in my fantasies publicly.  It keeps me posting hehe.

 And you can sure stretch a dollar in Turkey!


It’s kind of sad how little $100 can get you these days.  I think I could easily blow a hundred bucks on new makeup/makeup supplies.  And for this one,  I’d do better to shop in the US!  While I won’t be visiting a makeup counter at Nordstrom with a Benjamin, I can sure stock up at Walgreens and Walmart ;D.  You can take the girl out of the hood,  but you can’t take the hood out of the girl.


I think I have a shopping problem.  And a grand will for sure help me out with it. Spring is coming and I am ready to restock my closet with fun seasonal looks, not to mention invest in some nice shoes and boots!  Pastel skinny jeans, long collared shirts in linen, and fun flats only begin to cover my wish list.  Don’t even get me started on my scarf hoarding.

I guess I can get some stuff for my husband too… If I have to.


For $10k I could easily outfit an entire house with brand new furniture,  appliances,  and electronics in Turkey.  And that is for sure what I would do!  I mean… We don’t have our own place yet…but...

Another option is having that dream wedding I always wanted but was too practical to ask for.  Sorry friends, you’ll have to fly your own butts to Turkey. ₺30k only gets you so far.


Oh,  this is easy.  We’d buy a freaking house/apartment here.  While we may be a little short, this is a very significant down payment.  One of our biggest concerns with money right now is the idea of having to pay rent every month.  But if we owned our home… A huge weight is lifted off our shoulders.


Oh,  hah! First off,  we’d throw money at our life problem and make it go away.  With what’s left… Do all the things I listed previously. Then put the rest in the bank.

Yeah maybe I’m disgustingly practical and not a big dreamer… But I’ve done all the things I’ve dreamed of so far.

Traveled the world (more than Turkey,  yes)

Did the undergrad thing

Pursued a graduate degree

Married the love of my life

And when you are living with your in-laws in a foreign country, freedom and stability is what you want more than anything.


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