Spring Cleaning/What’s In My Bag

Spring has sprung and it’s time to air out all the winter funk!

I’ve been busy stripping all of the linens from EVERYWHERE (including curtains), restuffing pillows and brushing out the rugs! It never eeeends.

And now I need to start reorganizing my scarves, and going through my luggage full of summer clothes that had been put away for the winter.

But first…

I think I’ll start with my purse 🙂


I love my bag!  When we first moved to Turkey I had to leave my small collection of purses behind because there simply wasn’t enough room for them in my suitcase.  Not having a bag for a month was just… Ugh.  It was awful.  But I love the one I have now! I bought it at the beach pazar for 25tl, and the leather (fake or not) is so soft and I imagine won’t tear any time soon…

Anyway,  let’s dig in there and see what we need to keep vs throw away!


Can’t go anywhere without a little notepad and pens! I originally bought this for writing down new Turkish words, but somehow it has morphed into my “anything I need to jot down”  notepad…particularly because I don’t have a cellphone to keep track of things yet.  This stays.


My sad old wallet I bought from Ross a hundred years ago… And my camera! Goes without saying,  both are necessary.


I haven’t seen fairly priced chapstick (or the chapstick brand at all) in Turkey… So I’ve been guarding mine with my life! Also, a staple to any hijabis bag… A box of extra pins and bobbies


You never know when someone is gonna need a teşbih… So I keep mine in my purse.  And candy is always good to have around… I’ll just leave that in there too.


Yeah… I’m that person who keeps bags within their bags.  I mean,  it’s obviously a genius storage idea! I try to always be prepared by keeping things like toothpicks, a toothbrush, moist towelettes (unscented), measuring tape,  deodorant, and lots of lip products on me at all times.  This is city survival 101 people!


Of course you need to have several hygiene items with you at all times! A bag of feminine hygiene products is a total given.  Maybe I’m showing my age by keeping small packages of tissues, but you know what? It’s spring.  Sneezing happens. Snot flying everywhere doesn’t have to be my fate.  Lastly,  and if you live in a hot country you will know, scented towelettes is a must.  I never carried them in the US but now I sure do- nobody has time for B.O., and your deodorant will certainly fail you at some point in the day.


Last but not least… A compact mirror and a prayer.  Anne gave me both of these.  The compact is obvious,  but if you didn’t know, these charms hold prayers written inside that are supposed to protect you from bad spirits/nazar.  Whether or not you believe in that stuff… It doesn’t take up much space in my purse.

Wow,  that’s a lot of trash… How do I end up with this much paper in my bag?


Well,  I feel ready for spring now! What are some necessities that you keep in your bag? Does it change with the season? Let me know in the comments below!

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