When The System Doesn’t Work

  Well, I hadn’t announced it on here, but I applied for that job (permit) I had told yall about a month ago.

Come to find out,  I can’t take it.


Because of Turkey’s back assward system.


Apparently, if you apply for a work permit while living under a separate residency permit (short term,  family, etc), your new work permit voids your old residency permit.  Regardless of how much time you have left.

Regardless of the giant fee you just paid a few months ago.

Regardless that it’s a shorter residency permit than the one you have.

Nevermind the huge amount of money you had to come up with to get the permit to begin with.

You’d think someone on a family residency permit would, you know, have a family and want to work.

So, when I came to find this out… I had to say no to the job.  I feel like a jerk because they had put in so much effort to get the work permit for me, but I didn’t sign up for voiding my previous permit that I just paid a hefty sum for. No. No good. 

Plus when you take a work based residency, your residency permit is tied to the job.  If you leave the job, you lose your residency permit. I had been so comfortable with knowing that my residency permit wasn’t tied to a working – that if I was wronged in the job I had the freedom to leave and be in the clear.

Well,  if I’m going to be in this kind of risky situation,  I sure as hell need to be paid a lot more.  Plus, if I’m throwing away my expensive family permit, I should be compensated for that.  Maybe I’m not being fair, because it isn’t the fault of the job that this happened.  It’s the fault of the system.

But I can’t put myself at risk because I feel bad for the company. I have to look out for me.

I hate this.

So it’s back to staring at white walls for me. One more step closer to insanity.

2 thoughts on “When The System Doesn’t Work

  1. Oh wow, isn’t it crazy? I literally can feel your pain. Bureaucracy (or rather bureauCRAZY) may take a long time to get sorted in Turkey but hang on there. Everything you set your mind to is possible. It’s one of the many things I learnt from living in Turkey (https://anadventures.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/25-things-i-learnt-from-living-in-turkey/). Have a wonderful day and enjoy the little everyday life stuff that brings a smile to your face! 😉

    1. That post made me feel worse! Lol! Since I made this statement I’m now wondering if I could put up with any possible “abuse” for 8mo-1yr or if I should just trust them to be good to me. Ugh! I’m trying to be strong with my initial decision because I’m usually right the first time. I need a stable residency permit more so than a job right now…

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