Husbands say the darn-est things

This tag has made its way through Facebook to me… And I couldn’t help myself! One of the things I wish I could share with the world is my husband. In my eyes, he is the smartest and funniest guy I know. How many times have we had moments that belong in a sit com? Probably close to a million.

Today you get to hear from him! I asked him the following questions with NO prompting from me! I think this will give you a little insight into both of us… Which may be good or bad.

The following are his answers:

1.What is something I always say to you?


2.What makes me happy?


3.What makes me sad?

anything can make you sad! You’re that kind of person 😉 like stupid things even (enter his laughing)

4.How tall am I?

you’re so short 😛

5.What’s my favorite thing to do?

shopping, or anything that takes you outside

6.What do I do when I am not with you?

sit around and wait for me to come back 😛

7.If I become famous, what will it be for?

your art!

8.What am I good at?

talking ;D

9.What am I not good at?


10.What makes you proud of me?

everything 🙂

11.What is my favorite food?

omg there are a hell of a lot of your favorites… But you can write dolma

12.What do we do together?

watch movies

13.How are you and I the same?

Him: you know the answer babe
Me: But I can’t prompt you, you have to tell me!
Him: No, I can’t prompt YOU! You have to tell me 😛

I don’t know what happened here…

14. How are you and I different?

in every way! ;p

15.How do you know I love you?

you just don’t, you feel it

16.Where is my favorite place to eat?

Briosos in Clemson

Which we haven’t been to in 3 years but alright…

17.How old was I when I met you?

you were young! A little fresh bunny to be eaten. Omg, I saved you!


18.If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

my heart :*

19.Do you think you could live with me forever?

at the moment? Yaaaa… 🙂

20.How do I annoy you?

you’re being a smart ass and getting frustrated

21.How do you annoy me?

easily (looks at me and laughs) I love you 😀

Well, you heard it folks! Straight from the husband’s mouth.

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