A Very Turkish Taco

I love Mexican food. 

But not just Mexican, that tex-mex/ ‘Murica style Mexican that you get at chain Mexican restaurants (Tijuana Flats, anyone?). 

Turkey, being on the other side of the world from both America and Mexico, doesn’t really have the comfort foods I’m looking for, by way of taco and salsa.  So, I’ve endeavored to make the ultimate mash-up: Turkish/Mexican/American hybrid! And so the Taco Böreği was born.  This may already be a thing, but the way I do it is likely not.  Basically, fill a kol böreği with taco meat+seasoning and grated cheese.  

For a less basic explanation,  scroll right on down. 

Taco Böreği (for 4 large portions) 


2 yufka

1/4 kg ground beef

1 large onion, chopped 

4 Charleston peppers (long green peppers), choppee

2 tomatoes, chopped

Approx 1c water

2tbsp tomato paste

2 cloves garlic, chopped 

Grated cheese, as much as you like (I like Bergama tulum, 2.5c)

Dollop of olive oil for cooking



Black pepper

Crushed pepper flakes

1/2c milk

1 small egg

1/3c oil for brushing


1. Cook onions and pepper with a dash of salt in a dollop of olive oil.  The meat will also produce oil, so don’t put too much! 

2. Once the veggies are nearly translucent, add the meat and break it up in the pan. Add the water and chopped tomatoes and mix well, bringing to a simmer for 6 or 7 minutes or until the beef is browned. Add the spices as you like, the tomato paste, and garlic. Let cook for another two minutes or until the paste has soaked up the water and oil. 

3. Grease a round dish (approximately 9in diameter) and whisk the oil, milk, and egg into a wash in a separate dish.  Open the yufka on the table and spread the wash over it (you can be conservative, as the meat mix is already oily). Cut the yufka down the middle, forming 2 equal sized half moons.  Fold the rounded, uncut side of the yufka toward the cut end, 1/3 of the way in.  Now you have an, approx 2 inch double layer of yufka and 3 inches single layer.  Take a spoon full of meat and strew it along the double layer, end to end.  Sprinkle cheese across the top of the meat.  Now roll the yufka into a tube, holding the meat inside. 

4. Twist the yufka into a pinwheel shape in the dish, adding to the tail end with the remaining 3 yufka halves (filling them as described in step 3).it’s OK if it doesn’t fill the dish.

5. Dab the egg wash on top of the yufka so that it will brown.  Pop in the oven at 200c for approximately 30 minutes or until the bottom and top is brown. 

Serve with salsa, yogurt, lettuce, guacamole… Or any taco toppings you love! 

Afiyet olsun! 

Check back next week for the recipes to my roasted pepper salsa and peach chutney salsa! 


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