Teachers Day

My first Teachers Day (Turkish observed) was Thursday! 

It happened to fall on Thanksgiving! And TEOG (a national placement test for 8th graders),  so I had a short holiday Wednesday and Thursday.  

Typically students give gifts to their teachers as a thank you for all they do.  Sometimes it’s just flowers, and sometimes it’s some niiiiiice stuff.  One teacher got a tea cup set from English Home! Dang! 

Of course I got a whole lot of nothing.  Not even a flower! Since parents don’t get to meet the native teachers we don’t really count… İ cant lie,  I was a bit sad when everyone else was being lavished with gifts while I sat in the teachers room all by my lonesome.  

Since we don’t celebrate teachers day in the US it shouldn’t make me sad.  But what can I do? 

At least the school gave us gift boxes! 
We also were treated to a night out at a fancy hotel on Tuesday.  Service took us from the school in the evening and we enjoyed a social evening of dancing, eating, and (for everyone else) drinking! 

I was sick but tried to make the most of it. 

But in all honesty, I was in it for the sales! Every shop had a special teachers day campaign. I got new shoes and replaced some of my makeup that I was scrapping the bottom of the bottle for. 

But no matter what, Thanksgiving was on my mind. We again couldn’t do anything because of our living situation… And it’s making me homesick. 

3 thoughts on “Teachers Day

  1. For our Teacher’s Day, all of the students actually act as our waiters at lunch in the cafeteria and serve us! It actually kind of weirds me out a little…haha. We also all got roses and chocolates. They usually treat everyone to a night out at a fish restaurant on the Bosphorus, but I wasn’t feeling like it this year, so I didn’t go…I think I was subconsciously a little more homesick for Thanksgiving than I realized.

    I’m lucky though because I am one of five American teachers here, so we are having our own Thanksgiving tomorrow on campus, along with some of the Turkish teachers and the foreign teachers from other countries. Have you checked any expat groups in your area? I know Istanbul has a few places where they arrange Thanksgiving dinners for homesick foreigners.

    1. Yeah I’m in a few groups but I haven’t heard about any Thanksgiving plans… None of the foreigners I know are American. But it’s OK because Christmas is coming and we all love it 😉 so in that respect I won’t feel so alone.

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