Throw Your Hands in the Air

And wave em like you just don’t care! 

Which I am. 

Because I don’t. 

Being a teacher is hard, yall. Especially to spoiled, arrogant children.  

Not all of them are bad, but some are.  I honestly believe a hand full of these kids wouldn’t spit on someone if they were on fire. 

This is especially true for my 9th graders.  Two of the four classes are just hopeless.  It’s not like they can’t do the work, they just won’t.  I’ve tried everything.  Picking up unfinished activities in the main course English book, playing games, watching videos, teaching something else in English (e.g. Slavery in the US), projects, the works.  Nothing. Works. 

And I’m sad, because there are at least three students that are actually interested in the topics and want to learn. They even apologize for the others’ bad behavior. But if I have to call the counselor and the principal five times because they are so incredibly rude (I mean, standing in class, shouting to each other, sleeping, talking back in turkish as if I dont understand), I’m not going to waste my time. 

I did my best. I’m just going to be a babysitter for the 40 minutes that class takes in a week. Usually the good students gravitate to me and practice their English 1 on 1 with me anyway. 

Because this negativity just isn’t conducive to my 2017 resolutions

5 thoughts on “Throw Your Hands in the Air

  1. Ugh, I feel you. Teaching can be really exhausting…and frustrating. I’m pretty lucky with my classes this year, but I’ve had some rough ones before (especially back in the States). I don’t know how it works at your school, but at my school, the curriculum is pretty flexible. I’ve had good luck with turning difficult classes around through literature circles, film units, and even screenplays as dramas (especially for popular movies).

    One of the hard lessons to learn about teaching is that no matter how hard you try, some kids just aren’t going to care and will slip through the cracks.

    1. I know that some kids are just dead set against learning anything. Like they actively will not work with you. But I’m mostly angry because there are entire classes that are like that. Like classrooms of 24 where 4 are learning and 20 don’t cooperate. Honestly I blame the school for not having proper discipline or application process. In America my brother was kicked out of private school for much less than what the kids here do

  2. I’ve had classes like that in Turkey, and I ended up telling those who wanted to learn to bring their chairs around my desk, and the others that they could do what they wanted as long as it was quiet (read a book, listen to music on headphones, whatever). I usually had quite a group around me 😀

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