About the Who behind the When…

You want to know about me? I’m flattered!  While I try to keep names and faces off the blog (for security purposes- and you know how protective husbands can be 😉 ), would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  The answer is yes- so let’s continue…

I’m from upstate South Carolina, and was born into a predominantly Southern Baptist (once Catholic) family.  Like any typical “all american” girl, I love to draw and paint, cook, and dance to loud music when no one is watching.  I was raised with a whole pack of dogs, along with my little brother, by my single mom.  Sometimes things were hard, but still- I graduated high school and was accepted to Clemson University (GO TIGERS!!!), where I began studying for a BS in Food Science and Technology.

In one month after moving to Clemson, I met a charming, cute, incredibly intelligent Turkish student.  Little did I know that he would become my husband four years later.

The following summer we went on a grand adventure!  He took me to Turkey to meet his family…and we immediately hit it off, despite the culture and language barriers!  In only a few short weeks I fell madly in love with Turkey- the food, the culture…and I cried the day we left.  Returning to Clemson, he began his PhD in Electrical Engineering while I began my junior year.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for my love…but he refused to give up!  He moved to Florida one and a half years later to try his luck there on a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, while I had to stay in Clemson to finish my own degree.  The distance only made us stronger, and one week after I graduated with my bachelor degree (four months later) we married. Together we moved to Florida and I applied to the Master program for Food Science (specializing in food safety/microbiology). After I moved to Florida, I converted from Christianity to Islam (a blog post for itself!).  I completed my Masters work in July, and am awaiting the publication of my thesis manuscript.

In August 2015 we shoved our lives into four suitcases and made the move I’d been waiting for since we met. Little did we know, our past troubles would follow us… but we’ll be damned if we let it stop us!

So here I sit, a 20-something year old, educated American in Turkey…  Share our journey as we navigate grad school, the US, Turkey, and beyond!

You know what they say…when in Turkey-do as the Turks do!

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4 thoughts on “About the Who behind the When…

  1. Your story is engaging and I wish you well where ever you end up. Congrats on finishing school and I look forward to reading more of your adventures, in Turkey, hopefully. Happy travels, Cheryl

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