Hijabi problems: “you don’t meet our dress code”

So, I had originally prepared a draft stating I would soon be gainfully employed.

But then, I forgot discrimination is legal in Turkey.

I applied for a job as an English conversation teacher at doğa koleji, and all of the phone interviews went well.  It was basically a sure thing.  But then I went in for the face to face interview and I could feel the eyes boring holes into my head. Still, I didn’t let it get to me. The principal seemed nice and the kids loved me, but I made sure to ask if it was a problem to wear hijab (because I’ve heard stories, you know.) and they said “no of course not.”

No,  of course not.  Because discrimination is messed up. Why was I worried?

But then they didn’t call me back. I called them in a week and got an email saying that I “unfortunately didn’t meet their dress code. ” uh… Huh.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what it was about my outfit that didn’t meet their dress code.  What makes me livid is that the secretary was wearing a miniskirt that exposed her butt, but somehow my dress is not up to code?

Don’t make me laugh.

This is one of the problems I didn’t forsee in Turkey.  In a predominantly Muslim country  with at least half of the female population wearing the headscarf, I thought things would be easier for me than in the US.  Oh my, seems I was wrong. I should have listened to my husband when he warned me the first time.

I looked up the legality of this discrimination, and apparently it is all above board. Even cell phone companies and banks can ban headscarves on their employees. In case you were wondering,  those companies are garanti bank, iş bank, turkcell, and Vodafone.

I’m sure you can guess who isn’t getting my patronage.

I kind of laugh about it now, sitting in my bed sick as a dog (I’ve been throwing up all night from food poisoning, so this headache has made me worse).  “Progressives” whine about “conservatives” being all kinds of bad things,  including dumb and trying to ban the progressive way of life (demanding headscarves, banning alcohol, birth control,  etc ).

But here’s the thing, progressives.  Take a good long hard look in the mirror.  Who is obstructing who from living their lives how they want?

Well,  it’s back to the drawing board for me.  Maybe I should focus on food science jobs,  where covering your hair means a lesser chance of contaminating your samples rather than a reason to hate me.