Them Computer Problems Tho

I am happy to say that after a day of fiddling with it, I am now using my laptop again!  Yes, the roughly 24 hours without it were unbearable.  I think it is fixed now. I THINK. Inshallah…but wait, lets go back to the beginning of how we got here…

I’ve had this laptop (Lenovo Z580) for at least two years, I don’t remember exactly when I got it to be honest.  Recently it has been having a tendency to overheat.  It didn’t shut down or anything like that, but I could barely even touch the fan without nearly scalding myself.  Hubby is familiar with computers and we knew what the problem was immediately- the heat sink!

Now, the heat sink acts like a kind of radiator, moving the heat generated from the CPU to the fan, where cool air is blown in and hot air is blown out. Where the heat sink touches the CPU is a grey paste called thermal compound.  The thermal compound works as a transfer medium, it moves heat better than air does, so it is able to transfer the heat from the CPU to the heat sink fast enough that the heat doesn’t build up.  When your computer (or any electronic device almost) gets super hot, that usually means you need to refresh the thermal compound, or clean out the fan.  Better yet, we like to do both.

*this isn’t the thermal compound we used, just a picture

  So we took apart the entire computer (as one must to reach the heat sink), cleaned off the old thermal compound with q-tips and nailpolish remover, applied a fresh coat (it should be applied very very thinly, with a dollop and something sturdy to spread it, like a plastic card), and put everything back together…

and it wouldn’t turn on.

Again we took the computer apart.  Mind you, taking apart a computer and carefully managing the screws and procedure takes about an hour, let alone putting it back together again.

We discovered a cable that had not been properly plugged in.  This is a ribbon cable and we struggled with it for almost an hour- I kid you not.  We were trying hard to be careful!  These things are delicate!

Then we put the computer together again, and it turned on! YAY!!!

But it got very hot, very fast, and the fan wasn’t working.

At this point it was 8pm, and I said screw it.  This morning we did chores, went to the pazar (farmers market, which I will blog about probably next week), and got back to the computer.  We took it apart AGAIN (as seen on insta) and lo and behold…

we didn’t plug in the fan.


While we were there, we put fresh thermal compound again, because I had put too much before.  We put everything back together again, and here we are.  So far I am not feeling any heat issues, the fan is working, and best of all…it turns on.  I hope to get a few more years out of this old girl!

Another thing we learned while taking apart the computer… I am incredibly impatient.

Summer heat

I’ve been wearing the hijab since February, so this is my first summer of complete covering.  I’ve been scouring the web for ways to beat the heat-  which is very intense here.  It’s been climbing to mid 90s as of late, and it’s only May…  here I will highlight the bits and pieces that I have collected from other sisters, and also things that I have found myself.

1.  Choose your fabrics carefully

Let’s face it, some fabrics just aren’t going to work.  Some tend to retain moisture or not let it pass, aka, breathe. One fabric you should DEFINITELY avoid (in my experience) is polyester.  This can be incredibly hard since polyester has taken over the textile industry.  But maybe it works for you, but I know for me- I sweat like crazy!

Fabrics that I personally ADORE are: rayon, cotton, and viscose. In that order.  I know you see cotton and say “YES! NATURAL!”, but be wary- the thickness is very important!   Additionally, nylon is fantastic for swimming attire. Also, if you google breathable fabrics you will see that acrylic is listed- but I’ve found that it doesn’t breath for me at all- I bought a fun ombre scarf that was acrylic- and boy do I get sweaty!

2. Denim jackets

Denim/ jean jackets are a MUST have staple for the summer hijabi wardrobe.  I know, I know, it seems they could make you hotter- but being cotton, it DOES breath.  Additionally, you don’t see pit stains in these bad boys!  My go-to cover up is a denim jacket!  Be sure it’s fairly loose, however, to insure a good breeze.

3.  Tanktops and low cut shirts

WAIT!  WAIT! Just hear me out!!

When coupled with a cover-up (thin cardigan or denim jacket) and a properly wrapped scarf (and LOTS of safety pins for securing it to your shirt),  these open clothes are perfect for catching the breeze and allowing evaporation of your persperation.  But you have to be careful and apply plenty of safety pins to keep everything in check!  I end up using more pins for my clothes/scarf attachment rather than for attaching my scarf to my head! But it is SO worth it!

4.Sport headbands

A good 4″-5″ headband is a GREAT alternative to an underscarf on a hot day- allowing for more air to pass over your scalp.  Using berretts (hair clips) to secure the band to your head will keep it in place all day, while still being able to secure your scarf to your head.  Additionally, dont be afraid to stick a pin into your hair tie in your bun, it works just as well as sticking it in an underscarf!  (I also suggest using mousse or hair spray to help slick back your baby hairs when using this technique.)

5. Linen pants and maxi skirts/ dresses

  Linen pants are a miraculous joy that jumped out and surprised me.  I was looking for some loose and flowing pants at a thrift shop and was having no luck.  However,  a relaxed, wide legged olive colored linen trouser was hanging on the rack.  Well, I needed SOMETHING, so I tried it on….and fell in LOVE!  I LOVE LINEN!  This is a STAPLE.  For days that the wind is too strong for a dress, wide legged linen trousers allow for the cool passage of the breaze on your legs but the coverage is still there, and it isn’t see-through.

Maxi skirts and dresses speak for themselves.  They are very comfortabole and modest.  Be sure to wear a slip, though, I have yet to find a maxi skirt/dress that isn’t a little transparent.

Inshallah this helps sisters as much as it helps me.