Happy Birthday To Me (2nd Turkey Birthday!) 

Hey yall! So, today is my birthday! 

I’m 26 (whaaaaat?!) 

If you follow me on Instagram (which by now, you should take a hint and follow me!) you know that we celebrated my birthday on Sunday.  I mean,  most grown folks celebrate their birthdays on the weekend right?  

As you see in the title I refer to this as my second birthday in Turkey.  That’s right! I spent my 21st birthday in the Istanbul airport, coming home from my first Turkey experience! This was definitely better. 

Because I’m such an unsocial creature, I opted for a night out with the hubster.  I mean,  since we came to Turkey last year that’s all I’ve wanted, a little alone time with my man.  Yall know what I’m saying. 

We had a very basic evening, starting with a late dinner. We picked up a bag of cig köfte and ayran from my favorite vendor, then went to the sea side to have a little picnic while the sun set. 

Afterward, we had a short stroll to browse for a few items I wanted to purchase.  I didn’t get anything yet though.  I go into phases of wanting to spend money, and then wanting to save it.  Sunday was a save it day! 

After that we hoped on the metro (free fare!) and headed for a nargile/hookah lounge!  There was one specific one we were headed to (we had gone before and it was appropriate.  If you live in Turkey you know that some nargile lounges can be too rowdy,  not mixed gender, or full of weirdos. So when you find one you like you should stick with it!). 

 Unfortunately, we couldn’t remember exactly where it was, so we got off on the wrong stop.  I was a little upset and said to just go home, since the place wasn’t easy to get to.  But hubby insisted we try the previous stop, and rushed me onto the next train. 

We got off at the station, expecting a good 8 to 10 minute walk to our desired lounge.  But lo and behold, three steps away from the station and I got a nose full of hookah smell.  A new lounge opened right beside the metro about 2 months ago (we hadn’t been out this way since February).  Very mixed crowd (women, men, young, old, children even *not smoking*, and hijabis too! ), low hum of conversation, and nice ambiance. Perfect! 

So we sat down and ordered our favorite, apple/mint.  I think it’s my favorite? I’m not sure.  It’s his favorite and I’ve only tried a few flavors, but I really do like apple/mint so I usually go for it! Since I have a very low tolerance now (I used to smoke like a dang chimney in undergrad like 4 years ago, but since then I haven’t smoked much at all) we always share.  Even his tolerance has bottomed out haha. 

I insisted we play backgammon, even though I usually don’t like to play.  Playing anything with my love can be fun, since he is teaching me and getting excited when I make a good move.  

I ordered my favorite ice tea, smoked a bunch of yummy hookah, and played backgammon for 2 whole hours! 

Oh and I won the backgammon matches by one game ;). 

All in all it was exactly what I wanted! The whole way home I was gushing with joy.  Of course hubby was insisting that he should give me more and do more, but unfortunately we aren’t in a place to be able to do anything more fancy. That’s OK, because even if we had 1000₺ to spend on my birthday, I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Check  out my Instagram story later today to watch me make myself birthday baklava! I’m not much into cake,  and I haven’t made baklava in ages! Gotta get my practice in before the next bayram! 


Milk and coffee does not a cappuccino make.

A few days ago, hubby and I went out on the prowl with BIL (brother in law) for a good time.  After buying a French press (as seen on instagram),  we wandered into a hookah bar and lounge. If you aren’t familiar with hookah,  it is the tall standing water pipe through which you smoke concentrated tobacco that is flavored with syrup (usually fruit flavored).  It is very popular in the middle east,  and is rising in fame in the states.  I actually owned one state side, but I was never good at packing the bowl.

Anyway,  we wandered into the lounge and settled on a green apple/mint blend hookah experience… And began to peruse the drinks and snacks.

Oh boy!

I was so excited when hubby said I could pick anything I wanted- prices be damned! If you haven’t noticed from hints and comments I’ve been dropping… We are going through a very very difficult time right now (the two verys are absolutely warranted),  and this outing was an attempt to unwind.  Anyway,  we all settled on a classic cappuccino.  After waiting nearly 10 minutes (were they roasting the beans right now?),  they came back… With this.

What is this supposed to be exactly?

Based on my vast coffee experiences, I immediately deduced this to actually be a standard coffee with milk.  It was,  at least,  a dark roast. No foam to be had at all.  I looked first to my hubby,  then to my BIL…

Neither seemed to notice or care about this travesty…

This 6TL lie!

I then asked hubby,  who would also indulge in the occasional cappuccino with me in the past,  and whispered my disappointment.

What do you expect? It’s Turkey

Well,  for 6TL I expect a hell of a lot more! We commiserated with each other that everything on this list is likely the same coffee with milk,  and moved on to our board games.


So Turkish checkers is different...

I mean,  I can’t complain too much I suppose.  The hookah was very good, the lokum was delightful,  and the service was on point (changing coals and whatnot).  Even better,  the cafe wasn’t bustling with rowdy people, and there was an appropriate ratio of men and women to make the setting comfortable.  All in all,  it was a fun night…

But leave the coffee to me.