Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Konak #TBT

I’m always down for a photo challenge, especially during these lulls where I either don’t have anything to write about or am too busy to write something worth reading.  I have found this to be particularly true this Ramadan- when trying to meet all of my spiritual goals and writing my thesis/ preparing my defense has kept me RUNNING!

This brought me to Cee’s which way challenge– a cute idea that I stumbled upon when perusing the blogs of people who like my posts.  I’ve decided to do a little #TBT at the same time…

DSCN1250A very familiar view for anyone from Izmir, Turkey.  This is a bridge that runs over Konak, aka “central” Izmir.  I found myself returning to this bridge multiple times, eager to go to the bazaar on the other side (which will likely be featured on another which way post).  No doubt, whichever way you go in Konak is the right way!